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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun-Paper - Vortex Vibrations Suction Vacuum Cleaner Vibrator

WOMEN could turn dust into lust — with a sex toy that brings pleasure to HOUSEWORK. Instead of moaning about chores, they will happily moan as they do them.

The plastic tubular gadget fits on the end of a vacuum pipe.

Its makers say frustrated housewives can place it above their private parts — and orgasm in just TEN SECONDS.

The device — called Vortex Vibrations — works by concentrating the air flow to create a rapid and gentle vibration.

Inventor Joanne Drysdale claims it can give multiple, back-to-back orgasms lasting up to a minute a time — and it does not even touch the skin.

The 49-year-old former toolmaker was cleaning her carpets when she came up with the idea for Vortex, which sells for £35 through

She saw how a piece of rubber that had got caught in the nozzle was gently resonating in the air flow.

The American mum of three also felt a soft stimulation to her fingertips as she tried to remove the rubber.

At the time Joanne, from Utah, had not had sex for 15 YEARS following her divorce. She said: “In my attempts to alleviate frustration, I began to think what I could do. I noticed how the rubber moved in the top of the vacuum.

“So using my background in toolmaking, I began trying out different ideas with different power sources.

“After several hours, I came up with the prototype. The first time I tried it I reached an orgasm within 10 seconds.

“That was when I knew I was on to something that could potentially bring pleasure to all women.”

So chaps, next time you come home to a smiling missus, she’s probably been been quietly cleaning all day.

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