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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun-Paper - Businesswoman oldest British mother

An unmarried businesswoman will soon become the oldest mum my of Great Britain. A few weeks before her 67th birthday in July, Elizabeth Adeney will gave birth to child.

IVF in Ukraine
The baby was created through in-vitro fertilization. The fertilization took place in an Ukrainian hospital, because Great Britain resolutely refuses women that are older than 50 years.

Adeney, who is the head of a plastic and textile company, divorced in 1990 after a short marriage. She has no family living in England. She stated that she wanted a child to pass her money at.

"Only me and the baby"
The lady isn’t concerned at all that she have to raise the child on such an age. "I am perfectly able to care for myself, I proved that for years". It is only me and the baby.”

"Fitter than young girls"
Doctors warn for serious risks such as blood clots that even could result to her death. "I am healthy enough to give birth to a child", sais Adeny "There work many young girls in my business, but I dare bet that I'm fitter than the half of them. My real age doesn’t matter. How old I feel myself, that's important. Sometimes it's 39, sometimes 56.

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