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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun-Paper - suicidal guy pushed off bridge by inpatient driver

A Chinese man has pushed a man which wanted to commit suicide from a bridge. The 66-year-old Lian Jiansheng thought the suicidal man was selfish because he was standing for hours on the bridge without jumping. It was the 12th time the pusher was stuck for several hours in the traffic because off suicides attempts. None off the 12 attempts succeeded.

Lian couldn’t take it anymore this time. He asked the police to talk to the desperate man, but he didn’t receive permission. The he climbed on the bridge himself and pushed the man down.

“They only want attention”
Lian said this on his arrest: “Those people don’t dare to kill themselves, they just want to have attention from the government for their problems.”

The man who wanted to commit suicide was caught by an emergency cushion placed by the authorities.

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